Lessor’s Risk

Our Lessor’s Risk Coverage (LRO – Lessor’s Risk Only) policies are designed to provide property coverage for building owners who lease their building. This program may also cover the owner who occupies some office space in the building. This type of insurance is also referred to as Landlord’s Insurance. The Office Condominium Association program is designed for owner occupied buildings.

We understand that Office Buildings and Office Condominiums represent a substantial investment for your business. Protecting that investment requires an insurance program specifically designed to meet your needs.

The type of Property policy “forms:” included in our program are a Basic perils and Wrap perils (e.g. Special Form).

Our program provides protection for the Office Building and Office Condominium structure only and does not extend to individual lessee’s property. The insurance policy will cover the building exterior only. Each individual tenant should secure coverage on their office equipment and business contents (e.g. furniture, computers, telephones etc.).

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