Safe Harbour Underwriters, Inc., hires professionals who possess a variety of skills and interests. Some positions require specific educational background.

Our recruiting and screening process is designed to select only those candidates that are predisposed to adapt and maintain a positive attitude. Once individuals join the Safe Harbour team, they will be provided with ample reason to maintain their positive attitudes.

At Safe Harbour, we focus our attention on the speed with which we conduct all aspects of business. Speed is continually measured and progress is recorded and celebrated. People are motivated by experiencing a sense of accomplishment. Safe Harbour moves swiftly to implement improved processes or business strategies and capitalize on opportunities.

Safe Harbour incorporates innovation into all aspects of its business and organization. We constantly seek better and more efficient ways to satisfy customer needs, and all team members are empowered to share their ideas.

If you are interested in joining the Safe Harbour team, you may submit your resume by clicking here.

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